Get Ready for the 40th Annual St Urho’s Day Celebration in March!

Once again, St Urho is going to drive away those pesky grasshoppers and save the grapes! When the first St Urho’s Day happened in 1976, do you suppose those Finlanders had any idea it would go on for 40 years? March 13th, 14th and 15th, 2015 will be the 40th Annual Celebration! Join us for a fun-filled weekend of remembering your favorite floats and themes, the best of the best in Finland creativity! As usual, plans include the Friday evening Miss Helmi beauty and talent competition, the Saturday Parade at noon on Highway 1 (the only state highway in Minnesota to shut down for a parade!), music, food, crafts and much more!

Do you have a collection of St Urho Memorabilia to show off or photos you’d like to see preserved? The St Urho’s Committee would love to see and hear about the early events. Please contact us using the form below or write to St Urho’s Committee, PO Box 582, Finland, MN 55603.

The St Urho’s Celebration is funded primarily by button and raffle ticket sales and also by donations. Feel free to send donations to the address above using the enclosed envelope, or look for buttons and raffle tickets on sale soon at area businesses! We appreciate your support for this community event, and we look forward to continuing it for many more years!


Finland's St Urho Statue
Finland's St Urho Statue

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