John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon Finland Checkpoint 2015

The Beargrease hit Finland on 5pm on Jan 25th! The kitchen at the Clair Nelson Center was open that afternoon until after midnight and again on Tuesday the 27th all day long, serving chili, sandwiches, pancakes and of course, gallons of coffee. It was a fun and bustling Finland Checkpoint! A big thank you to all the kitchen volunteers – including those who were on standby in case the activity went on into the wee hours! Also a big thank you to the checkpoint and overall race coordinators and volunteers!

We were so busy in the kitchen that there was no time to take photos, though this was the first year that we’ve been able to watch the mushers come in and take off through the kitchen window, partly due to the propane generators and massive lighting outside! What a race!

Beargrease logo

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