Friends of Finland/Clair Nelson Center COVID-19 Building Usage Policy

Updated February 1, 2021

Current situation – Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all indoor activities at the Clair Nelson Center are suspended, except for staff work, Youth activities, kitchen rentals, and individual telehealth appointments.

General Remarks – To minimize potential exposure of community members, only one activity shall be happening indoors at the Center at any given time with no overlaps. Each group/activity/program must have a COVID-19 Preparedness Plan on file with Operations Lead Nancy Anselment-Olson before beginning activities. The group’s COVID-19 Preparedness Plan shall outline what they will do to minimize contact and potential exposure between individuals participating in the group activities. Each Plan shall touch on handwashing, clean-up and sanitation of surfaces and/or equipment, distancing, and how they will enforce the mask mandate within their group. We may require Waivers of Liability for certain activities as requested by our insurance company. 

Youth Activities – Official and prescheduled youth activities are allowed and have first priority for building usage. Youth Night was previously Thursday evenings from 6-9pm, with some time beforehand for set up of activities. Youth craft activities will, for the most part, utilize this time slot. Other activities will not be scheduled for this time slot. 

Kitchen – Kitchen rentals are currently allowed as long as proper COVID-19 hygiene protocols (as well as all the normal ones) are observed. Rentals must be scheduled with the Building Manager/Operations Lead. Kitchen rentals are the ONLY rentals allowed at this time.

Meetings – We are considering allowing use of the meeting rooms for community organizations and groups such as AA who have a demonstrable need for meeting space tentatively starting April 1st. Meetings shall adhere to the MN Dept of Health recommendations of 10 or fewer people.

Gym Activities – General gym activities are not allowed at this time. We are considering allowing limited gym activities tentatively starting May 1st, again, with a COVID-19 Preparedness Plan (see above, General Remarks).

Rentals and Social Events – are not allowed at this time. We are tentatively considering allowing limited rental activities starting June 1st, again, with a COVID-19 Preparedness Plan (see above, General Remarks).

All of the above are subject to change based on recommendations of the MN Department of Health and Governor Walz’s Executive Orders. The most likely outcome is the timeline for reopening being pushed back. 

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