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Past Issues:

August 2021
Youth Night, Farmers Market and more!

July 2021
Youth Night, Softball, Farmers Market, and more!

June 2021
Let’s kick off summer with the Finland Farmers Market, Camp Finland, and more!

May 2021
Vaccine Clinic, Youth Program, Final Food Distribution, and more!

April 2021
Youth Art Night, Food Distribution, Job Postings and more!

March 2021
Saint Urho’s Day, Youth Activies, Making Mojakka, Food Distribution, and More!

February 2021
Virtual Laskiainen, Food distribution, Youth craft activity, and more!

January 2021
Beargrease, Urho, Scholarship, and more!

December 2020
Yuletide Feast, Pikku Joulu, Food Giveaway, and more!

November 2020
Thanksgiving, Winter Farmers Market, Give To The Max Day, and more!

October 2020
Sisu Stew, Halloween Activities, Free Food Giveaway, Winter Farmers Market and more!

September 2020
Farmers market, free food, and fun kids craft activities!

August 2020
Farmers market, childcare, free food, and more!