Featured Volunteer and St Urho Updates

December 28, 2022

Our featured volunteer for 2022 is Cheri Bischoff for her many years of good work organizing the St Urho’s Day parade! Cheri took over organizing the parade from Carol Youngberg and has done a great job with it for over 10 years. After putting in her time herding all of those cats…err, parade floats, she is now looking forward to watching the parade with her grandkids and family.  Never fear, our parade will be in good hands. Tina Buus will take over organizing the parade this year for the 48th Annual on Saturday March 18th, 2023. The theme will be St Urho ‘23 and Me. Contact Tina at 612.327.6925 to register for the parade.  In related news, we lost Elwood Youngberg in June of 2022, and Carol Youngberg in November 2022. Both of them were outstanding people who dedicated a lot of time and energy to our local communities, and…

2022 Summer Farmers Market Wrap-Up

November 3, 2022

It was another incredible summer season for the Finland Farmers Market.  This summer it became very apparent that the market is growing and reaching more and more people in the area!  We had record attendance this year. After crunching some numbers, it’s been determined that over 1600 people came and enjoyed music and food here at the Clair Nelson Center over the summer. Many of those people took advantage of the “triple your money up to $10” SNAP benefits that were available to spend with local producers thanks to the GUSNIP grant that made those funds possible throughout the whole state of Minnesota.  This year over $1,625.00 was spent in EBT at the market, and with some of that being tripled with produce and market bucks, that means over $2,200 extra was given out to SNAP customers to spend with local farmers! What an awesome program! A record number of…

Thank You to All Who Helped Put on Camp Finland 2022!

August 26, 2022

Camp Finland 2022 would not have been possible without the generous support of: The Duluth Superior Community Area Foundation – Silver Bay Charitable Fund, Northland Foundation, North Shore Collaborative, Cliffs Foundation, Tracy Family Foundation, Beaver Bay and Crystal Bay townships, Trestle Inn, and many other individual donors. Many thanks our amazing staff: Lucy Carlson, Amber Klinker, Kenny Albrecht, Kyler Knaffla, Kelly Ulrich, Ryan Dietz, McKain Lakey, Andrew Norcross, Jenna Pollard, Layla Popp, Honor Schauland, Robin Sunquiet, Heather Brown, LJ Merkel, Abby Zak. All these folks get paid, it’s true, but they also go above and beyond to give the kids and teens an amazing Camp experience.  Kids Camp would like to thank Nancy Olson, Julie Meyers, Deb Birkeland, Sue and Daryl Jolson, Jennifer Yandrasits, Elise Bouvy Coldwater, Kaare Melby, and Jeff Dickson. Teen Camp would like to thank Margaret Sager and Zoe Smith for help on set-up days and for…

Registration Info for Spanish Camp 2022

July 5, 2022

Spanish Camp 2022 is back at the Clair Nelson Center in Finland from July 18-20! Children 5 – 13 years of age are welcome to join us for 3 fun-filled days of learning basic Spanish words and phrases, fun language activities,  cultural arts and crafts, and outdoor adventures. The cost is $30 per child (waivers available). Spanish Camp is made possible by a grant from the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation – Global Awareness Fund. Register for Spanish Camp 2022 below! 

Bouncing into Summer with Thursday Youth Night

June 7, 2022

The sun is peeking out from the clouds, and like the yellow dandelion blossoms that line the front lawn of the Finland Community Center, the kids at Youth Night are eager to play outside. Laughter and screeching tennis shoes rule the air on Thursdays. Colorful plastic cups covered in stickers and scribbled names can be found all over. Though they are often empty, they are relics of a full night. With an updated fleet of colorful LED lite tricycles, the gym area has been lit up with words like, “Wow! It glows!” and… “Wook at the kowas!” (“kowas” is a 5 year old’s interpretation of the word, “colors”.) Like Times Square on the fourth of July, Heather delivered an epic grand finale snack display before passing the, “snack person” baton back to Sheryl for the season. Our teenage staff employees Ryan and Layla seem evenly matched when put on opposing…