Make a Survival Flag for St Urho’s Day!

March 10, 2021

Make a St Urho survival flag to show off how you have survived the last year! Flags will be displayed on a float in the March 20th St Urho’s Parade! You can make your own OR blank flags and paint markers are available for anyone who needs them – call 218-353-0300 and we will get you a kit with materials.   Basic flag-making instructions: Think of all the things that have helped you get through the past year. Choose one that really symbolizes survival for you. The simpler, the better. If you have more than one thing, you can make more than one flag! We want to have a lot of these flags on display in the parade. Don’t be shy! Sketch out your image for your flag with pencil on drawing paper. Once you are happy with your image, trace it with the iron-on fabric markers. You may need to go over…

Candle-making Workshop with Finland Community Youth Program

February 18, 2021

St Urho: Survival Mode – Schedule of Events

February 12, 2021

St Urho’s Weekend will be quite a bit different this year. There are no indoor social activities at the Community Center this year. Instead there will be a combination of online/livestream events as well as outdoor events, the main one being the parade at Noon on Saturday March 20th.  We ask that you wear masks and keep your group small so as to keep everyone safe so we can be together again next year. We will also be livestreaming the parade for folks to watch from home.  Let’s save our toilet paper and our grapes from those evil grasshoppers. We all know they hoarded the supplies others needed to survive. We fully understand the world isn’t out of the woods yet and that’s why we ask you to be safe. Sunday, March 7th – Online Float Workshop – watch here.  Friday, March 12th – Making Mojakka – Online class taught…

St Urho 2021: Survival Mode

January 20, 2021

It’s been almost a year since St. Urho took to the woods to escape the pandemic. It’s time for him to come out and restock the essentials. Toilet paper, aluminum foil, yeast, and hand sanitizer to name a few. How did you survive? Were you creative? A house for every bird in the yard! Handy? Put a faucet in every room! Just a bit lazy? Who notices 20 pounds! However you’ve survived, we want to know. Join us for the St. Urho’s Day Parade on Saturday March 20th as we socially distance ourselves down Highway 1 in Finland MN at 12:00 noon. Parade floats and crews should gather at the County garage around 11 to line up and get ready. We ask that you wear masks and keep your group small as to keep everyone safe so we can be together again next year. So let’s get together and save…

Light in the Dark

January 1, 2021

2020 has been a lot of hard work to adapt to ever changing circumstances. I have struggled personally. I have watched all of the staff struggle individually. We have struggled together. We have watched our community struggle while we all feel cut off from each other in so many ways. It feels like it took a lot of struggle and floundering and trying and stopping and starting, but we are adapting. Sometimes it’s easy to adapt and sometimes it’s slow and painful. But we’re doing it. You are doing it. We’re doing it together, even if we are apart. All the way, I have been inspired by the creativity and sisu and humor of the people who I work with and who make up our community. I love you all and I don’t feel like I would have gotten through the last year without the fine folks I get to…