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It's Camp time again!!! Obviously things have had to change because of COVID-19 this year, but we’ve made some changes to our camp structures to accommodate the guidelines from the CDC and the MDH, and it's FINALLY HAPPENING!!! Kids Camp will be July 20th-23rd and Teen Camp will be July 20th-24th!


COVID Info: Parents, read our Camp Finland 2020 COVID-19 Preparedness Plan here.


Registration and Forms:

Register here for Teen or Kids Camp!

Print and fill out if applicable: Food Allergies and Allergies Notification, Acknowledgment, and Release of Liability


Kids Camp info:

KIDS Camp Finland is a day camp for children, ages 7 to 11. Camp will be from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM July 20th-23rd. The kids will be broken up into groups of 10 including staff. These groups will be doing activities like lots of outdoor games, and art projects. The kids will be getting their own art supply kits as soon as they arrive to use for the day to limit sharing as much as possible. Anything that the kids share will be sanitized before each use.  All meals and snacks will be provided. We strive to provide children with a safe and high quality summer camp experience while also fostering a lifelong love of nature, discovery, friendship, learning and leadership. First and foremost, Camp Finland is FUN! 

This year, we’re doing registration a little differently. We set up an online registration site that you can fill out from your phone or PC. Any further information will be given out via email once you have registered. 

We’ll also be emailing out a list of what your kids will need to bring to Camp and instructions on how to drop off kids when Camp starts. We’ll also need you to go through a process to fill out some forms outside on the first day of Camp in order to maintain social distancing with other families. We know that these things can be a little annoying to work through, but these policies are all in place to keep everyone safe. We thank you for your patience with these restrictions. 

We are all very excited to see all our campers this year, and we look forward to hearing from you!!!

-Julia, Amber, Kyler, and Kenny. 


Teen Camp info:

TEEN Camp Finland is back this year for ages 12 to 18. We’ll be doing a lot of the same fun camp stuff like swimming, hiking and camp fires. New ideas we’re working on this year is a tour of a real working farm and a remote camp out on the top of a mountain!! It's all pretty last minute, but we also hope to head back up the Gunflint to do the zip line tour again with an added option to do some horseback riding too!! This year’s camp starts July 20th and goes through July 24th. Teen(s) will need to be dropped off at 9am, July 20th and picked up at 2pm July 24th.  They will need to be able to attend all 5 days & 4 nights of Camp in order to secure a spot. We cannot accommodate partial attendance at this time. All meals, snacks, and fun will be provided.  

TEENS: This year's TEEN Camp Finland will be a little different, but not any more than necessary to keep everyone safe through this weird pandemic thing. The main thing that we can’t do is group tents 🙁. But really there’s still a lot we can do so don't freak out. After you get dropped off at camp, we’ll be splitting up into Krews like we did last year and meeting your Krew Counselor. We’ll stay in these Krews for the rest of camp. Each morning will start with us getting into these Krews and eating breakfast together. After breakfast, we’ll have our morning meetings and talk about the day's plan around the fire. After that, we’ll be splitting up in our Krews and heading out on different adventures around the area. We’ll be out all day, swimming and hiking and exploring, and when the day gets long and the hunger pains get real, we’ll head back to base camp to rendezvous with the other Krews for dinner, nighttime campfire games. As with other years, each Krew will have responsibilities and you’ll be expected to participate in keeping the Camp running.

One of the new things we've got planned for this year is an art contest during Camp that’ll culminate in screen printing our own Teen Camp T-shirts with the winning design! The last full day of Camp will be the best, with a trip up north to the ZipLine and horseback riding on the Gunflint Trail! We’re really happy to be back out in the woods with you this year and hope you can make it.  ---Andrew, Jenna & Margaret

PARENTS/GUARDIANS: To simplify registration of your teens for Camp this year, we’re changing things up a little. Instead of mailing in or dropping off your registration, you can simply go online from your phone or PC and quickly register your teens to secure their spot at camp. Like always, we've got a limited number of spots and it’s first-come-first-serve, so act soon. Once your teen is registered, you're done until the first day of Camp. We’ll be sending out information via email about what your teens will be needing to bring to camp this year and other camp related information, so keep an eye on your inbox. We will need you to physically sign some forms the day you drop off your teen, so please allow time to do this on the first day. Like last year, you'll be dropping off your teens “out back” behind the ball field next to the Clair Nelson Center in Finland, but this year we’re asking parents to pull in single file and not get out of their car when dropping off. As you pull up, we’ll be handing you a few medical and consent forms you’ll need to fill out before you leave. You can go park, then come back into the line when you're finished to return your forms. If you have insurance, you will need to bring your insurance information for the ZipLine waiver. We’re really looking forward to seeing your teen at Camp this year!!

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