Spanish Camp at the Clair Nelson Center

Due to unexpected staffing issues, we have made the hard decision to cancel Spanish Camp this year. We will plan to do it next summer. 

Friends of Finland is excited to announce our second ever Spanish Camp, which will be held at the Clair Nelson Center in mid-August of 2019. Spanish Camp is being planned as a day camp for children ages 5-13, with an emphasis on language, cultures and food in the many Spanish-speaking countries around the world. Spanish Camp will be Aug 12th, 13th and 14th. This year the camp will be focused on exploring the migrations of animals and people across the world. We will have assistance from local folks with firsthand experience in many Spanish speaking countries.

The food especially is going to be really fun. Many of the foods we take for granted, like corn and potatoes, and things like tacos have their origins in the indigenous cultures of the (now) Spanish-speaking countries of North and South America. Food is also a great starting point for learning a new vocabulary when it comes to learning a language like Spanish.

There will also be fun games and music, as well as cultural stories and legends from the various Spanish-speaking countries. Wednesday the 14th will wrap up with a skit performance from 2-3pm that is open to the public. Please come have a snack and hear what the group has learned from the 3-day experience.

Anyone interested in participating in Spanish Camp should fill out a Spanish Camp Finland 2019 Registration form and contact Honor Schauland at 218-353-0300 in order to sign up! Please sign up ASAP as there is limited space available. Cost for the camp is $25 per child, but there are hardship scholarships available.

Download the Spanish Camp Finland 2019 registration form here.

This new addition to our programming has been made possible by a grant from the Duluth-Superior Area Community Foundation’s Global Awareness Fund and North Shore Age to Age.



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