St Urho 2021: Survival Mode

It’s been almost a year since St. Urho took to the woods to escape the pandemic. It’s time for him to come out and restock the essentials. Toilet paper, aluminum foil, yeast, and hand sanitizer to name a few.

How did you survive?

Were you creative? A house for every bird in the yard!

Handy? Put a faucet in every room!

Just a bit lazy? Who notices 20 pounds!

However you’ve survived, we want to know.

Join us for the St. Urho’s Day Parade on Saturday March 20th as we socially distance ourselves down Highway 1 in Finland MN at 12:00 noon.

Parade floats and crews should gather at the County garage around 11 to line up and get ready.

We ask that you wear masks and keep your group small as to keep everyone safe so we can be together again next year.

So let’s get together and save our toilet paper and our grapes from those evil grasshoppers. We all know they hoarded the supplies others needed to survive.

We fully understand the world isn’t out of the woods yet and that’s why we ask you be safe.

Should we need to cancel at the last minute we will try to let everyone know.

Please contact Cheri Bischoff, parade marshal, to participate in the parade at the following:

5841 Lax Lake Road

Silver Bay, MN 55614

(218) 220-9947 Call or text

(218)353-7743 Home

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