’23 and Me: St Urho’s Community Float Workshop

St Urho art

Urho artwork from 2017

Help us build and decorate the St Urho Family Tree at the St Urho Float Workshop on March 10th, 11th & 12th, 11am-3pm at the Clair Nelson Center in Finland. Join us as we build our own floats in preparation for St Urho’s parade at noon on March 18th! 

float workshop workers

Paper mache-ing in 2019

Our plan for the group project community float is to build the St Urho Family Tree and decorate it together. We will need brown paper bags as we will be paper macheing the family tree and other items. There will also be painting and sign making to be done. We could use your help! Anyone is also welcome to come and work on their own float or costume project  – some materials will be provided.

Who should be featured in the St Urho Family Tree? We’d like to include portraits of prominent Finlanders from the last 100 years or so – or any other folks who have helped make our St Urho’s Celebration or our community a better place. Your imagination is the limit here. Bring us copies of photos, drawings, or portraits and we will incorporate them into the tree, or you can make your own large-size versions to hang or attach to the tree as ornaments. 

Refreshments will be served at the workshop. All float-building and craft skill levels are welcome! 

For questions, please call Honor at 218-353-0300

painted grasshoppers

Urho Artwork from 2019

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