Announcing SISU STEW!

We know that things have been tough this year.

Cooler weather and declining light are upon us. Woodsheds are being filled, and there may be just a little stress about managing to “get it all done” before winter finally comes. None of this has been made any easier with COVID-19 keeping us from having our normal community gatherings. In this time, we all need some comfort, normalcy, community, and some extra determination. Wanting to offer strength, share happiness, and say thank you to our wonderful community, we are offering a special treat: Sisu Stew! Sisu stew is a harvest stew, designed to warm you to the bone and give you a little extra sisu.

Sisu is an unending determination. Something we could all use these days. Sisu is a Finnish concept, brought here by the founders of our community. Those Finnish settlers sure had a lot of sisu, and their spirit of strength and determination are still an important part of our community. Where does sisu come from? We’re not sure, but we think the support, love, and belonging that you get from a strong community can help. So with this Sisu Stew, remember that you are strong, you are loved, and all of us are rooting for each other. Let the warmth of our community warm you and give you the strength you need to make it through the coming months.

Sisu Stew is free! But to get it you will need to put in an order. Sisu stew will be available for pickup on Sunday, Nov. 1st 2020 from 2pm – 4pm at the Clair Nelson Center. To order Sisu Stew, click the link below and enter the number of people in your household. Then go to the “cart” (upper-right side of the screen) and click “checkout”. After that you just follow the on-screen instructions to complete your order. Note: If you are isolated or are unable to pick up your stew, we are offering delivery to people who live in Finland.

Click Here To Order Sisu Stew for Your Household.

If you need help placing your order, please call us at 218-353-0300

Want to help?

We are currently looking for people to help us deliver Sisu Stew to community members who are unable to pick it up. If you are interested in helping with deliveries, please call 218-353-0300.

Funding for this project was made possible by Federal Nutrition Funds through the CARES Act, obtained through a partnership with Friends of Finland, North Shore Area Partners, Arrowhead Area Agency on Aging and the United Protestant Church in Silver Bay.

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