The Finland Food Chain

What is the Finland Food Chain?

The Finland Food Chain is a project of Friends of the Finland Community that aims to build and expand an interrelated local food system that increases access to healthy foods and builds local wealth in Finland and the greater North Shore and Iron Range region.

Finland Food Chain Project Structure

The group of people that assisted with writing the grant proposal or who are representatives of groups that played a key role in the grant proposal is called the Heart. This group consists of… Read More

More Information

Curious what the Finland Food Chain is all about? Check out these articles:

Maren Webb of Northern Wilds wrote an article about the local food movement in Finland that explains the classes that happened in February 2019:
Learning to Use Locally Grown and Wild Food

Julia Kloehn of the Lake County News Chronicle also wrote an article about the local food movement in Finland. This article also explores the Bush Foundation grant that was awarded to our project:
Finland to use $210K grant for building sustainable food system