Make a Survival Flag for St Urho’s Day!

Make a St Urho survival flag to show off how you have survived the last year!

Flags will be displayed on a float in the March 20th St Urho’s Parade! You can make your own OR blank flags and paint markers are available for anyone who needs them – call 218-353-0300 and we will get you a kit with materials.


Basic flag-making instructions:

Think of all the things that have helped you get through the past year. Choose one that really symbolizes survival for you. The simpler, the better. If you have more than one thing, you can make more than one flag! We want to have a lot of these flags on display in the parade. Don’t be shy!

  • Sketch out your image for your flag with pencil on drawing paper.
  • Once you are happy with your image, trace it with the iron-on fabric markers. You may need to go over the lines a few times to make a nice bold line.
  • REMEMBER that any writing and image will show up backwards once ironed on.
  • Place the image face down on your flag.
  • Hold the paper in place and iron on the image. Do not use steam. Usually around 30-40 seconds.
  • Once the image is transferred you can use your fabric markers to color in any area that needs coloring in. You can also trace the other side of the flag with your fabric markers so the image is on both sides.

Finished flags can be dropped off in the entrance to the Clair Nelson Center anytime between now and March 20th.

We went over ideas for flags and technique more in our online float workshop – video here.

2021 St Urho’s Schedule of Events here. 

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