Thank You to All Who Helped Put on Camp Finland 2022!

campers at overlook

Teen Campers at Tettegouche State Park. Photo by Jenna Pollard.

Camp Finland 2022 would not have been possible without the generous support of: The Duluth Superior Community Area Foundation – Silver Bay Charitable Fund, Northland Foundation, North Shore Collaborative, Cliffs Foundation, Tracy Family Foundation, Beaver Bay and Crystal Bay townships, Trestle Inn, and many other individual donors.

Many thanks our amazing staff: Lucy Carlson, Amber Klinker, Kenny Albrecht, Kyler Knaffla, Kelly Ulrich, Ryan Dietz, McKain Lakey, Andrew Norcross, Jenna Pollard, Layla Popp, Honor Schauland, Robin Sunquiet, Heather Brown, LJ Merkel, Abby Zak. All these folks get paid, it’s true, but they also go above and beyond to give the kids and teens an amazing Camp experience. 

Kids Camp would like to thank Nancy Olson, Julie Meyers, Deb Birkeland, Sue and Daryl Jolson, Jennifer Yandrasits, Elise Bouvy Coldwater, Kaare Melby, and Jeff Dickson.

campers under the pavilion

Kid Campers waiting for the bus.

Teen Camp would like to thank Margaret Sager and Zoe Smith for help on set-up days and for being guest counselors the first day of Camp, Baptism River BBQ for an amazing dinner, Way-to-Go Outfitters for their support with our Boundary Waters Day Trip, Kurt Mead for showing up, North House Folk School and Captain Bill Hansen for taking us out sailing on the Hjordis, and Brian Hartman from Arrowhead Transit for being so flexible and helpful with transporting us all over creation for 5 days. 

Everyone would like to thank Sue Rian at the Trestle Inn for food and the use of her cabin for camp orientation day. 

If we’ve forgotten anyone, thank you!

Most of all, thanks to the 34 kids and teens who came to camp this year and the families who got them there and picked them up!   We have a fabulous  community of kids in our area who will become our future!  It was a pleasure to share Camp Finland 2022 with you! 

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