Clair Nelson Center LED Outdoor Lighting Upgrade

In 2016, Friends of the Finland Community received a seed grant from Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTs) to upgrade our metal halide outdoor light fixtures to LED fixtures. It was a really nice project that has resulted in energy and cost savings for the Center.

We’re hoping to do more analysis on our energy savings and post that info here on our website in the future, as well as in our Energy Display Kiosk at the Center.

Here’s a nice write-up about the project from the CERTs blog. Big thanks to CERTs for the opportunity and the nice article.…/finland-community…

CERTs has also supported the Center in the past, providing a previous seed grant to Crystal Bay Township to help defray the cost of some of the sustainable design of the building.

(c) Mark Teskey Photography
(c) Mark Teskey Photography

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