Community Activities Moved Due to Greenwood Fire

September 2, 2021

UPDATE: As of September 19th, 2021, all of Friends of Finland’s community activities have moved back to the Clair Nelson Center! Due to the Incident Management Team for the Greenwood, Whelp, and John Ek Fires using the Clair Nelson Center in Finland, MN, we are moving all scheduled activities to other locations temporarily. Please call 218-353-0300 with questions or for more information. Staff are checking messages regularly. -Monday/Wednesday Bone Builders group will move to Zoom. –Tuesday Crafts is canceled for now. -3rd Tuesday of the month Crystal Bay Township meeting will be at 7:00 PM at the Finland Fire Department Fire Hall. Baptism River Community Church: -Monday evening Alcoholics Anonymous 7:30pm will move to the Baptism River Community Church. -Friday evening Magic Cards at 7pm will move to the Baptism River Community Church. -1st Tuesday of the month Snowmobile club meetings will be at the Baptism River Community Church. Finland…

Friends of Finland/Clair Nelson Center COVID-19 Building Usage Policy

April 2, 2021

Updated June 29th, 2021 Current situation – We are excited to welcome you all back inside the Center! It’s been a strange year, but we’re still here, and the pandemic hasn’t stopped us from doing community work. Staff at the Center just want to say that we appreciate this community so much. Over the last year, your patience, flexibility, creativity, generosity, words of encouragement, and willingness to stand up for what is right have been truly inspiring. Now that we can be together in person again, we won’t be taking it for granted. Welcome back and see you soon! COVID-19 Policy – suspended as of July 1st, 2021 General Remarks – To minimize potential exposure of community members, the best practice has been for only one activity to be happening indoors at the Center with no overlaps. Occasional overlaps may be allowed at the discretion of the Operations Lead if they…

We Survived! St Urho 2021 Wrap Up

March 26, 2021

The theme of Finland’s 46th Annual St Urho’s Celebration was Survival Mode. The big weekend was March 19th, 20th and 21st, 2021. Paljon kiitoksia (Thank you very much!) to the many many people who helped to make the 46th Annual St Urho’s Celebration happen. From the guys who put the sign up over the highway, to the folks in the parade, to all the raffle ticket sellers, to the businesses that helped out by donating prizes or selling raffle tickets and buttons, you all help make this event happen. Thank you so much! The festivities were somewhat different than normal due to COVID. There were a number of online events leading up the weekend, including a Virtual Miss Helmi Contest. The parade was the main in-person event, and it was a beautiful day! The turnout wasn’t as big as some years, but it was ok! This year’s raffle drawing winners…

Make a Survival Flag for St Urho’s Day!

March 10, 2021

Make a St Urho survival flag to show off how you have survived the last year! Flags will be displayed on a float in the March 20th St Urho’s Parade! You can make your own OR blank flags and paint markers are available for anyone who needs them – call 218-353-0300 and we will get you a kit with materials.   Basic flag-making instructions: Think of all the things that have helped you get through the past year. Choose one that really symbolizes survival for you. The simpler, the better. If you have more than one thing, you can make more than one flag! We want to have a lot of these flags on display in the parade. Don’t be shy! Sketch out your image for your flag with pencil on drawing paper. Once you are happy with your image, trace it with the iron-on fabric markers. You may need to go over…

Candle-making Workshop with Finland Community Youth Program

February 18, 2021