March 14-16: 2014 St. Urho’s Day Celebration

The 2014 St Urho’s Celebration took place on March 14th, 15th and 16th! The Theme was Hunting and Fishing. Sat, March 15th was the Opener of Hopper Season!

St. Urho is a fictional Finnish saint who is said to have chased away the grasshoppers to save the grape crop. St. Urho’s Day is traditionally March 16th, and there are widespread celebrations across northern Minnesota, and many places with populations of Finnish descent.

In Finland, MN, St. Urho’s Day is celebrated the weekend closest to March 15th. There is a beauty pageant, a parade, music, facepainting, food, snow sculptures, a scavenger hunt and other community festivities.

The 2015 St Urho’s Celebration dates and theme have not yet been set. Dress in purple and green and come on out!

wolf ridge staff at urho's day

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