Strategic Planning Potluck Results

For the past month, the Friends of Finland Board has been seeking community input as they develop a strategic plan for 2022-27. Posters, ads in the North Shore Journal, and in-person outreach by staff and board members have generated some great ideas and comments from folks.

These ideas were all on display at the September Potluck at the Clair Nelson Center for further discussion and feedback by the community. People were encouraged to add their own ideas and also to vote for their favorite ideas out of the mix. It was a fun and lively evening – and the food was amazing too!

Below is the list of ideas, in order of which got the most votes. We consider all ideas as valid suggestions and goals to strive for, but will place higher priority on the ones with the most community support. That said, sometimes things just come together to make a community project happen in ways which are beyond our control. If it’s meant to happen, it will happen. If it’s happening now, it’s because now is the right time.

That said, we also know that this work doesn’t just do itself. Most of our successful community accomplishments have happened because there was a community person who thought up, took up, or otherwise championed an idea. Sometimes two or three people. Often with a network or committee of others to help.

Friends of Finland has some talented staff and board members, and we want to help shepherd these community ideas and goals to success, but we need your participation. If you are willing and interested in being involved with any of the efforts outlined below, please contact us at 218-353-0300, stop by the Clair Nelson Center, or email using the form at the bottom of this page. We are always open to new ideas and input, and our job is to facilitate community involvement.

If you support this work, but don’t have time or energy to work on any of these items, consider donating.


  • Comprehensive recycling program – 22 votes
  • A sauna needed in Finland – 19 votes
  • Senior and low-income housing park – 19 votes
  • Pizza oven – 16 votes
  • Holistic mental health facility – 13 votes
  • Campground – 11 votes
  • Bicycle friendly snowmobile trail from Community center to downtown – 11 votes
  • Laundry facilities – 8 votes
  • Shower facilities – 7 votes
  • Expanded library at the CNC (more shelves) – 5 votes
  • Continued support of child care – 4 votes
  • Print shop and community newspaper – 4 votes
  • Free community access to use rooms for groups – 3 votes
  • A community development council – 2 votes
  • Sandblast and stain ugly picnic tables at CNC – 2 votes
  • Young adult group – 2 votes
  • Refrigerated truck for local food distribution – 1 vote
  • Multi use trails – 1 vote
  • Continued support for farmers market – 1 vote

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