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Coming Events

The Finland Community Youth Program is invited to the Finland MN Historical Society’s Pikku Joulua (Finnish Christmas) on December 7th!  Please send your child to Youth Night hungry as we’ll be going through the buffet line.   Joulu Pukki (Finnish Santa)  will be paying a visit!    The musical group, “Fish Soup” will be performing.  Kids are free to participate in the festivities as much as they’d like to.  The gym will be open to them as well.

The Finland Community Youth Program is also invited to Finland Cooperative’s Christmas Party on Thursday, December 14th!   Once again, send them hungry, as Co-op is providing dinner.  American Santa will be paying a visit and Bonnie Warner will be leading a Christmas craft project to young and old alike.   As usual, the gym will also be open.

Leadership Changes

After 3 years of service as  Youth Program’s  favorite Grandma, taxi service, and food and beverage provider, Sherry Anderson is taking a well-deserved break!    We’ll still see her often as she’ll be bringing her grandkids to Youth Night (except on icy roads!) Thank you Sherry!  You’re the Best!

We are pleased to welcome Sheryl Hoff as a new Youth Program employee. Sheryl loves kids and crafts, already has tons of grandkids herself  and will be a fabulous addition to  our program!

We’ve also bid good bye to Peer Supervisors Kenny Albrecht and Kyler Knaffla. They are pursuing full time jobs and schooling.  We heartily thank them for 3 years of service to our area children.

Our former substitute Peer Supervisors Oliver Smith and Abram Lattin have been hired as our new Peer Supervisors.   We’re fortunate to have them as they’re great with the kids! Sully Tikkanen and Emma Todd have stepped up to be our new subs. It is so rewarding to watch all of these young folks mature and grow as they go from participants in these programs to becoming our next generation of leaders.

More Fun Upcoming Events for Winter/Spring 2018

An exciting upcoming opportunity for our Youth Program kids and the whole community is that we will once again be making our outing to Palo, MN on February 3rd to the Laskiainen Finnish Sledding Festival! This community outing is sponsored by North Shore AGE to Age. at least 2 buses will be going and all ages are welcome. Call 218-353-0300 to sign up!

Similarly, AGE to Age will also be sponsoring an intergenerational outing to the Duluth Playhouse this coming spring. Look for more information on that event in late March.

Pikka Joulua poster
Pikka Joulua poster


  1. Jaime on March 22, 2018 at 4:05 am

    I have a 4&5 girls year old and my husband and I are new to the area and would love to attend some events with all…. Buss rids sound great since am unfamiatten with area. Also any any crafts would be happy to bring my tribe to attend… Thanknyou

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